Dictionary of Neoliberal Terms, volume four

This popular dictionary now runs to four volumes, each addressing, critiquing and ridiculing our neoliberal planet: a sphere of conformity, deadening affect, performance management, behaviour control.

Volume four includes work by Ansgar Allen, Alex Broadhead, Adam Denton, Sharon Farley, Linda Kemp, Michael Kindellan, Ágnes Lehóczky, Jack Mann, JP Robinson, Lisa Samuels, Ben Taylor and and David Turton, alongside those written by the editors, Matthew Cheeseman, Fabienne Collignon and John Miller. It is designed by Jon Cannon.

We will be publishing one last volume and invite you to contribute an entry from the effusive, flexible, oily universe of neoliberal terms. Get in touch via dictionary@neoliberal.space to decide on a term.

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