This book contains the work of eighteen artists and eighteen writers collaborating on the theme of Atlantis.  They are:

Astrid Alben – Babycrow – Paul Bareham – Jake Blanchard – Matthew Cheeseman – Margaux Carpentier – Fabienne Collignon – Spleeny Dotson – Mike Driver – Stewart Easton – Go! Grafik – Lewis Heriz – Angie Hobbs – Jes Hunt – Elen Kalorkoti – Matt Keefe – Linda Kemp – Martin Kingdom – Agnes Lehoczky – Jack Mann – Briony May Smith – John Miller – Joel Millerchip – Fiona O’Brien – Marcus Oakley – Adam Piette – Mat Pringle – Hester Reeve – Cathy Shrank – George Simkin – Lizzy Stewart – Kelsey Taylor – David Turton.

The book is a beautiful two colour risograph printed to a high specification. It is edited by Matthew Cheeseman and the pictures are curated by Mat Pringle.

Atlantis was first written about by Plato, who described a corrupt people who were chastised by Zeus. Perhaps this led to Atlantis attacking Athens but we’re not sure, because Plato didn’t finish writing the story, which was taken up by many other writers at various points in history. It inspired utopian works by Francis Bacon and Thomas More, became associated with Mayan and Aztec civilizations in the nineteenth century, before being claimed as the home of a superior ‘root race’ by Madame Blavatsky and subsequently feeding into occultism (Nazi and otherwise), science fiction and comics.

This book has all of that and also throws in the Zambia National Academy of Science, Space Research and Philosophy.

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