SPIRIT DUPLICATOR is a small press founded in 2015 and named after the copier that printed in a purple ink that allegedly caused intoxication when inhaled. We have our own spirit duplicator (a Roneo Model 50) but most of our pamphlets and books are printed using digital or risograph. We publish The British Esperantist alongside other titles and are interested in the interface between design and writing. We are always looking to collaborate.

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PAUL BAREHAMĀ is a writer and artist. He lives and works in Doncaster and runs a number of blogs about film, television, sex and Great Britain.

MATTHEW CHEESEMANĀ is a writer and editor. He lectures at the University of Derby.
@eine on Twitter.

MAT PRINGLE is an artist and illustrator. Based in London, Mat is a founder member of Puck Collective, an active printmaker and a muralist.

GO! GRAFIK is a swiss design studio founded in Basel by Sevi Landolt and Manu Meyer. They like books, music and printing with Riso.